"Maldoror", a 100 minute attempt at collective filmmaking, made its US Premiere. The film's primary coordinator, a flamboyant British fellow named Duncan Reekie introduced the film, explaining the entangled process of how it was made. As a collaboration between artists of the London Exploding Cinema Collective and Filmgruppe Chaos of Germany, the film adapted twelve chapters of Contre de Launtremont's infamously dark and misanthropic novel "The Song of Maladoror", a work well noted for its seemingly formless, perhaps incoherent structure. Each artist shot their own chapter on Super 8. Eventually all twelve were blown up to 16mm, and linked together with a voice-over track in which the narrator read from Lautremont's text; a rambling meditation about the existence of evil (three additional chapters were started but failed to be completed). As a whole, the film does contain an interesting cross section of styles, using clay animation, time lapse sequences, accelerated motion, and sometimes just out of focus and underexposed.