"Fearlessly disregarding cinema's generally hapless history of portmanteau films, this genuinely no-budget collaboration between members of EXPLODING CINEMA (UK) and FILMGRUPPE CHAOS (GERMANY) - 'the notorious no-bility of Underground Cinema' - takes a cleaver to the Comte de Lautréamont's 1868 pre-surrealist anti-novel MALDOROR. Fifteen filmmakers were dispatched into the night with but a chapter of the book (a vile, nightmarish poetic paean to the author's Satanic alter-ego) and a Super 8 camera to their name; 12 have returned, and from the cauldron of their labors delivered forth this wild and bewildering affront to common civilized cinema… a disorienting trip into the head of a stark raving misanthrope." (TIME OUT) "A kaleidoscopic range of techniques is displayed here, often within the same segments; viewers are assaulted by an orgy of wonderfully disturbed claymation, blurs, stills, washes and loops. Similarly the tone of the pieces ranges from the malevolent to the downright daft…the constantly shifting tableaux of sounds and images ensure that everyone should find something here to enthral, disturb or revolt…" (FORTEAN TIMES)