Faites vos jeux

FAITES VOS JEUX is a collaborative effort from FILMGRUPPE CHAOS and A.K.A.S. in loose cooperation with the Copyright Violation Squad. A project made without using a camera, the film is a collection of pirated images/ 'samples' from home movies, adverts, art-videos, TV news, documentaries, game shows and feature films from Hollywood to 'Bollywood'. The montage was assembled using old video-mixers and PC's running on cracked/ freeware programs. The final video-mix-mash ended up on film stock where the negative was further abused and transformed via healthy doses of sandpaper, acid, felt-pens, 'Letraset', sharp blades and other devices. The soundtrack was created by 18 artists from Germany, Japan, Australia, Poland, UK, Lithuania, France, the US and Turkey.

The story travels through time, beginning with the image of a baby born around 1970 and then on to events/experiences such as his first day at school. The film follows through till the end of his life, which is brought to a close when he shoots himself. Along the way the film draws our attention to political events, music, and media styles. We witness the events surrounding the deaths of Germany's Red Army Faction (Baader-Meinhof Group) in a high-security prison, the rise of the punk movement and early eighties new wave culture. We eventually move on to the Gulf War, the WTO-riot in Genoa and ultimately to a 'mega-media-mix' showdown of the events of 9/11 and the war against terror featuring our beloved heroes John W. Wayne and George Rambo. Our temporal journey ends somewhere in the near future or thereabouts.